Assembly of a Billet Clutch Basket


This article shows the assembly of a "Stormin' Norman" billet clutch basket for the RS125.   The billet basket uses the gear, cush rubbers and backing plate from the stock worn out basket.   Any other billet basket would be similar even if it's not exactly the same in the assembly details.   Ian Emberton also stocks a billet clutch basket.   Ian's basket comes with the backing plate so you don't have to be careful drilling out the rivets - in fact according to Ian you can take them off with an angle grinder.
Click for larger image This is a typical used clutch basket, ready for replacement.
Click for larger image In this photo you can see more clearly the notching that is normal clutch basket wear.   These notches "catch" the clutch plates and keep the clutch from engaging properly and smoothly.   In extreme cases they may also keep the clutch from engaging completely, causing it to slip and wear out prematurely.   This basket has already had the high spots filed down in order to attempt to squeeze a bit more life out of a worn-out basket.
Click for larger image Along with notches in the clutch basket come notches in the clutch hub.   Here you can clearly see the notches that prevent proper clutch engagement.
Click for larger image Here is a new clutch hub for comparison.  
Click for larger image This is a Stormin' Norman billet clutch basket.   It comes with the basket, socket head screws and a wrench for assembly.   You will reuse the gear, cush rubbers and backing plate from the worn out basket assembly.
Click for larger image You start by centerpunching and carefully drilling off the rivet heads that hold the backing plate on.   Since you will be reusing the backing plate you'll need to be somewhat careful when drilling.   It is easiest in a drill press but can also be fairly easily done with a handheld drill motor.
Click for larger image Once the rivets are drilled off the backing plate is removed, exposing the gear and cush rubbers.
Click for larger image This is the bare clutch basket once the gear and cush rubbers have been removed.   Pay attention to the direction that the cush rubbers are installed on the basket as they are not symmetrical.   You will be installing them on the new basket in the same direction.
Click for larger image This is the new billet basket, ready for cush rubber and gear installation.
Click for larger image Here the cush rubbers have been cleaned and transferred to the new billet basket.   The gear and backing plate will be installed next.
Click for larger image Here the gear has been installed and is ready for the backing plate and bolts.
Click for larger image

And here is the assembled unit.   Make sure to use permanent thread locker on the bolts (ie - red locktite), and torque them to the proper value.   It would also be a good idea to centerpunch the ends of the bolts from the back side to deform then and be completely assured of a bullet proof assembly.

That's it!   Install the new clutch basket and new hub in your bike and enjoy smooth clutching.



Stormin' Norman's Racing Clutch Systems (724) 722-3630

As of 6/25/01, Stormin' Norman's retail price for the billet basket was around $145 with shipping.


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Photographs Copyright © 2001 Michael Bateman