The Racetronics EZ-Shifter Electronic Shifting System

The Racetronics EZ-Shifter Electronic Shifting System is the finest, most complete, and affordable electronic shifting system on the market today. The Racetronics system is designed to be used with any type of motorcycle or cart that uses a sequential shifter. The Racetronics EZ-Shifter will allow you to make perfect clutchless full-throttle upshifts every time, without damaging your transmission or electrical system.


The Kit Includes:

· Shifter black box

· Footswitch mounting bracket with hardware

· Color coded wiring

· Assorted wiring connectors and shrink-wrap

· Gearshift extension tab and replacement bolt and nut

· Damping foam for mounting shifter black box

· Assorted tie wraps

· Foot Trigger Switch

· Racetronics Stickers

Retail Price: $150.00

Note: Please make checks payable to Scott Menezes.

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Owner: Scott Menezes