Bateman Racing owner Michael Bateman, waving to cornerworkers after a race. Photo Copyright 2009, Brandon Bones

Updated June 20, 2008

Welcome to the home of Bateman Race Engineering.   I am a small shop specializing in vintage motorcycle racing, but also able to perform service, modification and tuning on your modern motorcycle, as well as custom fabrication.   My shop is currently located behind my home, and I am operating exclusively on an appointment basis.   Feel free to email me to inquire about current workload and discuss your projects.

I'm working on updating this website as well as the Group W Racing website that I own and maintain.   Some links may not work yet and some links are out of date.   Hopefully within the next couple of months things will get better.

T-shirts, mugs etc with the Group W Racing logo are available from my Cafepress store.   Check out to see what's available at this time.

Bateman Race Engineering is currently doing short production runs of some parts and services for vintage racing motorcycles - especially Honda 160 and 175 based racers.   I will be slowly expanding the inventory to cover other models and marques.   The parts in stock and current services are listed on the Parts/Services page.   Given the nature of short production runs on my small machines when I don't have parts in stock it may take me a while to get a run done.   Feel free to make requests though - if I know what's in demand I can focus my efforts.

I am a dealer for many products for both your vintage and modern bike.   Sudco, K&L, Rocky Mountain ATV, Ricci Motorsports and R-Tech fuel to name a few.   Please think of me for your parts and supply needs.

I also have lots of other ideas but not so much time to make them happen - as I get stuff done it'll be posted here.  : I'll likely also make an announcement on the F-160 list (click on F-160 to go to the list yahoo page). Joining instructions page here for actual instructions on joining.

I am passionate about racing and vintage racing in particular.   I have been racing motorcycles since 1992, winning the WMRRA 250 Vintage championship in 2001 and 2002, coming second in 2003.   I either use my products or have development riders try them first before offering for sale, and my development riders are consistantly fast and winning riders with fast bikes so you can be assured my products work.

Current services include undercut transmissions and lightened clutch baskets, as well as some custom machine work, welding and and fabrication.   I can bore your 160 cases to fit 175 cylinders if you wish for instance.   See the Parts and Services page for what's available right now.   For now I'm not taking on any complete motor build projects nor any complete bikes - it's too much work and it takes too much time and care to be economically feasible for me to do that kind of work.   Do watch this site though for the upcoming "Bateman Racing Guide to building your 160/175 racing engine."   I'm working on including what we've learned this year into the guide - I expect to have it ready in the fall.

Current products include starter blockoff plugs, kickstarter blockoff plugs, Pertronix adaptors and camshaft adaptors allowing previously non-adjustable cams to be adjustable for cam timing, complete Pertronix racing ignition systems, stainless racing valves, racing camshafts and cam timing tools among many other ideas for new products.  

I also recommend other shops and products - please peruse my (soon to be added) other sources page for other shops offering products and services of interest to the vintage racer.   Some recommendations at bottom of Services page now.

I am now taking pre-orders for special racing brake shoes for vintage roadracers.   The compound is very, very good.   Bateman Racing sponsored rider Tim O'Mahoney reports that it is the best racing compound he has ever used in a drum brake.   There is a lot of lead time in sending the shoes out for relining - so if you're interested get ahold of me as soon as possible.   If you send me your shoes I will include them in the order.   Pricing should be under $100 for a set of shoes.   I will probably have extra 160 shoes, but don't count on it.   Any other shoes will definitely need to be sent to me soon in order to get in on this batch.   I expect lead time to be on the order of several months.

Is there any interest in a vintage racing school?   One of the many ideas I've tossed around is to join with one of the track day or track school outfits to do some targeted vintage racing schooling.   Let me know if there's any interest in something like that.

Are you interested in rear shocks that are as step up from the Hagon shocks that we're all using?   Let me know - I'm in the process of becoming a dealer for YSS shocks and I think they might be just the ticket for the advanced rider.

I'm also working on cartridge emulators for CB200 forks - again let me know if you've got any interest so I can gauge how many to have made and how hard to pursue it.



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